Rules and tips
You don't need to know all of this—you can figure it out as you go along—but you may get better faster if you read it here:
  • Balls are released automatically; at higher levels you get more balls, sooner, and falling faster. The balls of higher levels score more.

  • Only balls that land in the beaker earn points—balls that land on the floor or that go down drain holes score nothing.

  • At lower levels it is OK if you drop a few balls, but at higher levels you need to drop fewer to be allowed to play the next level. Drop too many and it's game over—you have to start the level again.

  • The sooner a ball hits the target, the more it scores. (Paused time does not decrease a ball's value.)

  • You cannot hold onto the triggers—you have to flick them from the bottom each time.

  • Above the target you can only nudge a ball left or right, no matter how hard you flick. Only when below the top of the target can a ball be sent upward. (While a ball is traveling upward, pins and holes have no effect.)

  • To use Apple Game Center, your player alias in Acidity must match your Game Center nickname.

  • You don't have to use Game Center to track scores of multiple (local) players; you can use Acidity on a single phone in "pass and play" mode, creating an alias for each player.

  • Acidity remembers a paused game while another player is playing. However, if a player who paused a game selects a level to play, the paused game is forgotten.

  • The free levels teach you the basics; for more interesting challenges such as moving pins and drain holes buy the advanced levels pack.

  • If you want to know anything else, ask in the forum.
Holding the phone