Activitap Re-uses What You Did Before
The ideal:
  • If you repeatedly suspend and resume the same activity, there should be no need to log anything but the time.
  • If you do the same thing for different projects, you should be able to just pick it from a list (without having to make the list).
  • You should be able use a logging tool for actual work and time reporting without any setup.
How Activitap achieves this:
  • Each entry you make in Activitap can be resumed with a single tap, creating a new entry starting "now"—but you can change the start time.
  • Each category, code, or activity description you write adds itself to a pick-list for future use.
  • The default settings provide a viable configuration that can be used in practice by many people. The most likely adjustment required is the closing day for timesheets—and this is the most accessible setting.
Activitap is ideal for people who are constantly being interrupted or have to multi-task across several projects. To find out more about using Activitap, see Using Activitap (PDF).
ActiviTap's features are based on a particular view of the relationships between time, activities, and the events that are recorded in terms of time and activity properties. This view is described in Activitap's View of Time and Activities (PDF). You can use ActiviTap without reading this description, but if you wonder why things are done the way they are, this is the first place to look for an answer.
Any further questions you have may already be answered in the Activitap User Forum, or you can register and post your question.