Activitap Upgrade Supports Multiple Timesheet Configurations, Time Zone Editing, and Code Mapping
Upgrade supports the following: Submitting multiple timesheets with different inclusion rules or reporting intervals; Changing the time zone of a log entry so that work falls in normal work hours; Conforming to clients' billing codes.

Oct 08, 2011 – Vancouver, BC – Activitap is an iPhone(R) app specifically designed to minimize the number of taps required to record what activities are being done when, and to turn this information into a deliverable timesheet without any further calculation or editing in most circumstances. The features provided by this upgrade are being made available as an In-App Purchase.

Activitap was designed for professional consultants who switch between several tasks and clients in a day. Its functionality is, however, general enough to be used by just about anyone who needs to prepare a timesheet for rapidly changing tasks. What this upgrade adds is support for clients who demand their own version of a timesheet, in addition to whatever global timesheet the consultant has to submit to their firm. Such client-specific timesheets may have a different ending day of week, and obviously should include only the billable activities for the one client. In many cases the client timesheet needs to show specific cost center or project codes, which are irrelevant to the home firm timesheet.

By purchasing the upgrade features, Activitap users enable the creation of multiple timesheet configurations, each of which can have its own reporting interval and set of included categories and codes. The upgrade also allows the user to enter a second "mapping" code, which will appear only on the timesheets so configured.

The consultant with many clients also tends to work in many time zones. Whereas Activitap will correctly log the current timezone when creating an entry for an activity, it may be that the entry is created while catching up in the "wrong" time zone. To get entries to reflect the local time of day in any time zone, the upgrade enables editing of the recorded time zone. It also enables setting the time zone for a timesheet configuration, so that hours near day boundaries will be properly allocated to the days of the timesheet as relevant to a specific recipient. Note that Activitap's basic (free) features allow the user to use any time zone, so that, for example, a flight between time zones can be shown as starting in local time and arriving in another local time (just like an air ticket).

While the enhanced features are not for everyone, they certainly do eliminate some very annoying administrative chores for those who do work in multi-client, multi-time zone situations.

Activitap can be downloaded from the App StoreSM at http://itunes.apple.com/app/activitap/id425450704?mt=8&ls=1. The Activitap website at http://www.chippedstones.com/activitap/ offers a downloadable 28-page user guide—most of the space being devoted to illustrative screen shots. The website also includes a support forum.

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